About Us

Here at Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures we are a well-organized, hardworking, and ethical operation. We strive to be the best at what we do. All of our hunts are 100% guaranteed land owner tags, so there is a no draw needed for elk and you’ll have the choice of either rifle or archery.

Hunting is something that we consider second nature. We believe that in order to be successful in a hunt, you have got to have the right team to make it happen. Here at Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures we have all that it takes to make your dream happen. We have the land, game, and staff to make your dream become reality! So come and make your dream hunt happen with Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures.

We Are Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures

Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures is owned and operated by

James Duran, who loves the outdoors. James, along with each and every one of his certified guides, will give his full effort to make your hunt a success. By scouting out the area and getting to know the patterns of the game species in which you are going to hunt, the chances of your hunt being successful is extremely high.

Operated out of a little town in Northern New Mexico, called Chacon is where you’ll find the homebase of operations for Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures. The unit we hunt is Unit 46 which consists of nothing but private land. Our northern property fence line borders to Unit 49, which is the Carson National Forest. The areas we hunt are flat, mountainous, steep, and at times, very thick with trees., with elevation ranging anywhere from 6,700 ft to 10,000 ft above sea level. Here at Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures we are a fair chase outfit. We try our utmost best to make your hunt a success.

Here at Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures, we start preparing for your hunt long before you hop on a plane or jump in your truck, we start prepping during the off season. Planting food plots, scouting, setting up tree stands, etc. are key aspects that we take seriously to provide the best possible hunting experience for you. Our excellent staff members are well educated and experienced with the area of your hunt and provide you with the best opportunity to successfully harvest a trophy animal.