What are our clients saying?

We can tell you about how much you'll enjoy your experience and how great out guides are, but that information will probably carry more weight if you hear it straight from our clients. See below for client testimonials as well as references you can call to ask about their take on our services.

Testimonials & References

Tommy Christiansen - January 24, 2018

James and his guides got us on elk everyday of our hunt. Not just a few elk, but large herds of elk. On the last morning of our hunt, it all came together with adequate cover and favorable winds. My son and I each got a cow elk. James did a good job of matching me with a guide who worked at a slower pace so I could keep up, while my son and his guide covered the hills at a faster, more aggressive pace. 

We had previously done an unsuccessful elk hunt in Colorado where we saw many more hunters than elk. This was the opposite. We did not see another hunter the whole time we were hunting. James and his guides worked extremely hard to make this a successful hunt for us!

Tim Benich - November 24, 2017

I went on my first elk hunt with Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures. We saw elk every day. James and his guides worked hard to get us an opportunity to take an elk. My hunting partner and I both harvested an elk. It was a great experience and we look forward to doing it again. If you are looking for a great opportunity to harvest an elk, I highly recommend Luna Canyon!

Dennis Wilson - December 22, 2016

A friend and I signed up for mid-December cow elk hunts with James Duran at Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures. My friend was going to have to leave early due to pending business. A blue northern blew in just before the first hunt day started and made hunting difficult due to low visibility and heavy snow. James still made it happen for my friend at personal expense and my friend went home with a cow elk. I am nearing the end of my hunting days, over weight with impaired breathing, James was very patient with me and presented me with a great opportunity to shoot a cow in challenging conditions and I went home with a cow. 

The cabin was great, rooms were warm in extreme cold weather conditions, facilities and equipment great, guide service top quality, and hunting opportunities abundant. James has put together a top quality staff to serve your needs. I would rate Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures four and a half stars and highly recommend James. 

David Kirchhoff - November 24, 2015

My son and I hunted with James. What a great experience! Elk everywhere and James had us on them every day. My son tagged out on the first morning and I on the last. Everyone was friendly, accommodating, and experienced. Cabin was comfortable, food was great, and we both got our elk!

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