Prairie Dog Hunt Packages

Prairie dogs are burrowing rodents known for their propensity to dig vast underground tunnel systems, eat grass and communicate through chirping barks. They often pose a danger to livestock because of the burrows and holes that they dig. Livestock can step in the holes causing leg breaks or other serious injuries. Because of this, they are considered a nuisance ranch rodent. Our private land prairie dog hunts take place across from the Luna Canyon lodge which is located in North Central New Mexico. Prairie dog hunts are ideal for hunters of any skill level. 

The package price below is for one person and includes: One night lodging, private land access, guide to get you set up, shooting benches, shooter may take an unlimited number of prairie dogs.  Non game hunting license is required for prairie dog hunting packages and the hunter may use the weapon of their choice. Click here to learn more about our meals and lodging.

Prairie Dog Hunts

On average, these stout-bodied rodents will grow to be between12 and 16 inches long, including the short tail, and weigh between one and three pounds.  Prairie dog burrow entrance holes are generally four to 12 inches in diameter and each burrow typically has up to six entrances.

Season: Call for details; Varies based on weather

$300 per hunter